Friday, July 13, 2007

The Gap

(In Buddhist teachings a transitional moment from one thought or activity to another is referred to as a gap.)

I am waiting between an apostrophe and a period
Between a glance and a longing
Between a bite and a taste
Between a touch and a response
I am waiting for the elevator doors to close
For the mailman to leave
For a wish to be made
And the candles to be blown out
For the package to be opened
The wrapping to be ripped off and discarded
For the flowers in the meadow to bloom
For the day to begin
For the rains to fall
I am waiting for the silence and the thunder
And perhaps, for the luminous mind
To graciously reveal itself.


Blogger Tera said...

Andy ... I loved this poem, it was so perfectly done in its simplicity. Thinking of one to share with you now, hmmm ...

After reading your commentary on the Secret and speaking of Karma, I'd like to share this one on Happiness, another misunderstood and misappropriated idea, we humans have gotten all screwed up, lol.

A Happy Moment

Happiness is
a state of being,
A beautiful mind, holder
of countless possibilities

Look! See your dear ones eyes
cast upon painted pastel skies,
alight in wonder and delight?
See them smile?

Feel the wind, the rain,
fresh upon the face, so alive!
Smell the green morning grass,
fragrant and covered with dew?

Happiness is not some
elusive thing. But when we try
to grasp, to own, or possess,
then it cannot be....

For it is only
in the natural things
that we can truly be happy,
but only for a moment

Teresa L. Schulz

6:33 AM  

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