Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Poet John Fandel

The poet John Fandel recently passed away. Below is a poem from his book Bach & a Catbird published in the late 70's.


How the wind shook the FULL STOP sign!
How the Law stood up to it, twinned!
Neither seemed one to resign-
Though it looked pretty good for the wind.
Wind was its own legislature;
FULL STOP shook FULL STOPS like a clan.

But when has the law of nature
Ever bowed to the laws of man.


Blogger Donald said...

Andy: Thanks for posting. John Fandel was a great poet who, sadly, did not get the recognition that his amazing poems deserved! I corresponded with him during his last two years. He was a kind and gracias man - those who had him as a teacher, I'm sure, would concur.I have a fairly large collection of his books and chapbooks, many of which the great poet supplied me with!

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